Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The past 8 months....

Hmmm well it's been a while and there's just too much to go through so I'll give you the highlight reel.

Had a job with as a support agent for the most part of last year. It was a pretty good job with quite a few people I will never forget. Good times indeed but of course it wasn't in film... So I had to get back to working on my reel. I Was doing small little things here and there like the ones you see on earlier blog posts when an opportunity presented itself. A coworker's brother was opening a studio down here in Louisiana and I had to be involved. Make things short I got the job and have been at this new VFX company since late November early December. It's called Bayou FX and it's definitely what I was looking for. Unfortunately I can't show any final pieces of work but I have been given permission to show how I got it done via my NUKE scripts. Soooooooo yeah... that's all... Long story right?

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