Sunday, December 6, 2009

Update and ArchViz Project

Alright its been super busy lately at school!! So that's why I've been vacant from my blog... last month I had motion capture and art creation for games. The motion capture project was probably the best project I have had at school. We were instructed to get into groups and assign each other jobs in the production pipeline. I was of coarse the shading and lighting artist. In the end our final did not come as expected but it was completed and turned in on time...

Even though I don't find myself working in the game industry the art creation for game course really was helpful. The instructor really knew his stuff and there were MANY tips in tricks in all areas of computer animation that he passed onto us.

After last month our class was split into two classes, one game art and the other computer animation. This made it more apparent to us that the end is near and we should start thinking about our reels and our areas of focus. SO I decided to get to work on some of the things I want to demonstrate on my reel. i have been modeling and lighting a ArchViz project. I am using reference from the August 2009 Architectural Digest Magazine. The article was about an architect that developed a gorgeous home in Hong Kong. I am not following it exactly but there are many factors I'm trying to preserve. I will provide some early renders below. Enjoy.