Saturday, March 10, 2012

Candle Scene Completed

I finished the candle scene. I want to work on other stuff now.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A whole new portfolio!

Hey guys. I have been quite busy over the past 3 months and I'd like to finally share with you what I have created but first a story... As you may already know I have been working in Louisiana at a small company and my girlfriend in Dallas and we had been doing a long distance relationship that was starting to rapidly fall apart as we entered the 2nd year... Something needed to be done if we were going to keep it going and so we worked on moving towards each other and a few events fell into place or really apart at the time that made it actually happen. So in January of 2012 I moved out to Dallas to be with her. I can honestly say it has been one of the most rewarding and happiest moments in my life being with her and waking up in her arms every morning. There are things that I wish had happened differently or not at all but shit happens to the best and worst of us. Anyways enough of the mushy crap! I went hard to work on my demo reel and I think I have come a long way. Below is a collection of the works that I have completed in the last 2 months!

This is a WIP piece of an ArchViz scene.

I wanted to do a piece with a character so this is what I came up with. Character modeled by Elise Hatheway.

I wanted to do something with water cause it's kind of the first thing I created years ago when I first started playing with CG.

This is my latest project it's only about a week old but I wanted to do something with fluids cause they're super fun. I also wanted to do something with SSS cause it's also super fun!